Harbour Club Villas and Marina Accommodation Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands
Providenciales waterfront villas Turks and Caicos Islands accommodation on the marina
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Eco friendly hideaway on Providenciales

We strive to offer the best in eco lodging on Provo

Our villas have a special appeal for nature lovers, bird watchers, eco-tourism enthusiasts or anyone just looking to rest and relax away from typical crowded beach resorts. Some guests choose to spend their time relaxing by the pool, exploring the lesser known tidal coves and beaches of the southern shores.

Harbour Club’s unique position between Flamingo Lake and the Caribbean Sea creates an all-natural playground: kayaking, hiking, diving, horseback riding, bird watching, kite boarding, SUP's, catch-and-release bonefishing, or simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon on one of numerous beaches in the area.

Paddle around in our complimentary kayaks and explore the coastline outside the marina channel. There are lovely little coves and tidal beaches, or seek out flamingos and other birds in the mangroves and shallow lake waters. We can book you on a whale watching excursion too.

Natural beauty surrounds at Harbour Club Villas and Marina: native plants and flowers, exotic wild orchids, turk’s head cactus, old man cactus, sweet scented joewood, sapodilla, tamarind, pomegranates, coconut trees and papayas and so much more.

You too may chance upon seeing a variety of underwater life while snorkeling or diving............turtles, eaglerays, fish and coral in abundance.

Enjoy Turks and Caicos coral reefs with dolphins, rays and turtles while staying at Harbour Club villa rental on Provo

JoJo the dolphin might even come to play.

We'll take you on a short nature hike around the property and introduce you to our native birds and creatures: hummingbirds, bananaquits and Green Herons visit our pool often, Grey king birds, northern mockingbirds, mourning doves, butterflies, anoles and curly tailed lizards, ospreys, kestrels, laughing gulls and of course the bonefish in the lake and the just passing through hermit or soldier crabs. Visit our 'BLOG' for numerous nature photos !

In the evenings at Harbour Club Villas, our guests marvel at the night sky's clarity, with stars and constellations on display in uninterupted dark.


Harbour Club Villas are oriented to the prevailing tropical breezes, keeping it cool without any energy useage at all. (For those that can’t live without, there are fans throughout and AC in the bedrooms). Listen to the trees rustling you to sleep at night and the birds serenading you in the morning. Flowering bushes and shrubs keep the property private while attracting a wide variety of birds.

Construction of this accommodation includes natural materials like - hand-made terracotta floor tiles, cedar shutter windows, floors of Spanish tile, and native stone walkways, walls and planters.


Water is our liquid gold as the local rainfall averages two feet per year. Cisterns collect rainwater from all roofs and is used for irrigation and laundry. This property is connected to the town pipeline to ensure guests are never shorted on water.

  • Laundry is washed in bio-degradable, environmentally friendly detergent that's home made and line dried in the sweet sunshine.
  • Guests help by: turning off lights and air conditioning when not inside and reusing towels (otherwise towels changed every three days).
  • Hoses beside the villas allow guests to rinse off while watering the planters at the same time.
  • Gray-Water re-cycling feeds our trees and gardens. Ask us about our special system. From our kitchen waste we create an organic compost and and additional fertilizer for the gardens.

Cleaning & Greening

Vinegar, vinegar and more vinegar……….we use it for all cleaning purposes…no harsh chemicals. The terracotta floor tiles are much the happier but not so for the ants and other critters who are dis-suaded by the residue from the vinegar.

Donating to Charity

Items no longer being used, including sheets and towels, are donated to individuals in need, Red Cross, Salvation Army along with the Youth Home and Hospice on island. At Christmas we donate potted Christmas palm sproutlets and self rooted plants to the Red Cross fundraising sale.

Although we have none of our own, our neighbours tame island dogs known as POTCAKES sometimes stop by to visit. We keep them content with a small snack and a scratch under the chin.

Our Green Commitment

Specific examples of our commitment to the environment include the following:

  • Use of photocells and CFL's where appropriate
    • Timers on all pumps to reduce utilization of electricity
    • Linen re-use program at guest discretion
    • Use of wastewater treatment plant and processing of all waste on property
    • Use of Natural ventilation and ceiling fans is encouraged
    • Reduced use of paper napkins, straws, and coasters to eliminate unnecessary waste
    • Use of environmentally friendly gardening without using harsh pesticides

Together we will make a difference!

wild orchids at eco friendly Harbour Club Villas on Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

Wild orchids

Flamingo on Flamingo Lake at eco friendly Harbour Club Villas on Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

Flamingos on Flamingo Lake

lizard on a cactus makes sense at this environmentally minded lodging on Providenciales

Curly Tail Lizard on Turks Head

Mother and baby hummingbird  at eco friendly Harbour Club Villas on Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

Hummingbird by our pool

Brown Pelican our national bird at eco friendly Harbour Club Villas on Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

The Brown Pelican is our National bird

hermit crab at eco friendly Harbour Club Villas on Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

Hermit crabs are often seen

Turks Head cactus flowers at eco friendly Harbour Club Villas on Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks Head Cactus

Iguanas can be seen while staying at eco friendly Harbour Club Villas on Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands
Iguana on Bay Cay



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