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"Stunning Beaches, Breathtaking Reefscapes, Unbeatable Bonefishing. Come see it for yourself..."


Our beaches are consistently in the Top 5 beaches in the world!

True Tropical Paradise

Harbour Club Villas, nestled in the heart of Providenciales, not only offers a central location to the island's most breathtaking beaches but also boasts the unique advantage of having Turtle Tail Beach within walking distance. This location is perfect for beach lovers eager to explore the diverse coastal landscapes that Provo, Turks and Caicos Islands, is famous for. From the serene and inviting waters of Grace Bay Beach, celebrated for its pristine sands and excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities, to the adventurous kitesurfing and family-friendly swimming areas of Long Bay Beach, Harbour Club Villas is at the center of it all. Guests can get out on a variety of beach experiences, from relaxing swims in crystal-clear waters to engaging in thrilling watersports, all while enjoying the convenience and proximity that Harbour Club provides to these hot spots!


Guided or D.I.Y. fishing trips

World Class Bonefishing

Harbour Club is situated in front of Flamingo Lake, renowned for its exceptional bonefishing opportunities, our villas offer guests the chance to engage in thrilling catch and release fishing. With bonefish known for their remarkable strength, anglers are sure to experience the thrill of the hunt in these abundant waters.

Our self catering holiday villas provide access to miles of shallow flats, perfect for fly fishing, where enthusiasts can indulge in their passion from dawn until dusk. Head out on your own or seek the expertise of local guides.

Diving & Snorkeling

Warm water, high visibility, vibrant reef life... Excellent year-round diving.

Breathtaking Reefscapes

Discover the underwater marvels near Harbour Club Villas, where the world's third-largest barrier reef and captivating vertical walls await. Our Caribbean style vacation villas, offer self-catering amenities with stunning water front views and our private boat dock gives you direct access to one of the islands top dive operators!

As you dive into the deep, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of marine life, every bubble tells a tale of the ocean's hidden beauty. From the vibrant reefs teeming with life to the majestic humpback whales migrating past, each dive is an adventure, promising memories that last a lifetime. In Turks and Caicos, conservation is top of mind, ensuring these wonders remain for future explorers.

Harbour Club Villas serves as the ultimate base camp for your diving adventures, perfectly positioned to explore the underwater wonders and a myriad of activities across the island. This spot ensures your stay is filled with exploration and discovery, both beneath the waves and on the shores of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Interactive Map

The Beaches of Provo

Grace Bay Beach

Voted Worlds Best Beach

The Bight Reef

Great reef, great beach

The Bight Beach

Island Fish Fry Thursday's - Must Do

Smiths Reef

Some of the best snorkeling on Provo

Babalua Beach

Easy access and often very quiet beach

Thompson Cove

Home of the famous Conch Shack

Malcolm's Road Beach

A little “offroadish” but the scenery is spectacular!

Taylor Bay

Weddings and Sunsets

Sapodilla Bay

Friendly beach for the little ones

Harbour Club
Villas & Marina

Tranquil island retreat on the quiet south side of Provo.

Turtle Tail

The HCVM "home" beach - and its a stunner

Long Bay Beach

Kite Surf Heaven

Grace Bay is consistently ranked among the top 5 beaches... In the world

Providenciales, often referred to as Provo, is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean, each offering its unique charm and activities. Here's a brief overview of the top 5 most famous beaches on the island:
  1. Grace Bay Beach - 10mins from Harbour Club Villas: Celebrated for its pristine white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Grace Bay Beach is often ranked among the top beaches worldwide. It's fringed with a vibrant coral reef, ideal for snorkeling and diving, and lined with several high-end resorts, yet it maintains a tranquil atmosphere.
  2. Long Bay Beach - 12mins from Harbour Club Villas: Situated on the southeastern side of Provo, Long Bay Beach features miles of white sand and shallow waters, making it perfect for families and watersports enthusiasts, especially kiteboarding. The beach is known for its wind and wave activity, offering a different experience from the north side's tranquility.
  3. Sapodilla Bay Beach - 15mins from Harbour Club Villas: Located on the south coast, about 10 miles from Grace Bay, Sapodilla Bay Beach is a favorite for families thanks to its shallow, clear, and warm waters. It's a great spot for relaxing swims and offers good snorkeling conditions near the small coastal cliffs.
  4. Leeward Beach - 15mins from Harbour Club Villas: To the east of Grace Bay, Leeward Beach offers a more secluded atmosphere, with powder-white sand and clear waters. It's an excellent spot for beachcombing, finding seashells, and enjoying water sports like wakeboarding and stand-up paddleboarding.
  5. Half Moon Bay - Hop on a boat: A part of a trio of uninhabited cays, Half Moon Bay features low-lying limestone cliffs and is known for its beautiful sand bar lagoon. The bay is an ideal spot for nature lovers looking for a quiet getaway and is popular for boat excursions. Visitors might encounter the endangered Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana or tiny lemon sharks in the lagoon.

Each of these beaches offers its unique set of attractions, from serene waters and soft sands ideal for relaxation to active watersports and exploration of marine life. Whether you're looking for an adventurous day out or a peaceful retreat, Providenciales' beaches have something for everyone. For more detailed information, just ask us. There is a beach here for every mood!

Harbour Club's Caribbean styled vacation villas are smack in the middle of Providenciales, which is super handy because you're right where all the beautiful beaches are. Plus, having Turtle Tail Beach so close you can just walk there is a huge bonus. It's perfect for anyone who wants to dive into those famous turquoise waters and chill on the soft, white sands of the Turks and Caicos Islands without having to go far. Basically, staying with us means you're all set for a top-notch beach vacation where you can easily check out all the cool spots Provo has to offer.