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Diving & Snorkeling

Scuba Diving - Walk to the Dive Boats

Discover the underwater marvels of the Turks and Caicos Islands at Harbour Club Villas, the ultimate base camp for your diving adventures. This Caribbean style vacation villa, with its self-catering amenities, water front views, and a private boat dock, provides easy access to the world’s third-largest barrier reef and dramatic vertical walls. Divers and snorkelers can immerse themselves in the rich marine biodiversity, where every dive reveals a vibrant kaleidoscope of life, from the teeming reefs to the majestic migrations of humpback whales.

When you stay at Harbour Club Villas and Marina you are only a short walk from where dive operators are docked on Providenciales. Aqua TCI is right on our docks and Flamingo Divers are just a short walk away.

Here are some companies we work with:

"The diving is terrific, and the 2 minute walk to the Marina for 8:30 a.m. dives is the way to go!"

These dive operators depart on a daily basis heading for Providenciales' most spectacular diving off of West Caicos and French Cay. These uninhabited cays are located on the edge of the Caicos banks where the wall drops to deep blue depths of 7000 feet.

Diving the world’s third-largest barrier reef.

Diving into the serene waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands, one discovers an underwater kingdom where the grandeur of the world's third-largest barrier reef and an expansive underwater plateau blend, creating an unparalleled diving sanctuary. This archipelago's unique geography, with its dramatic shifts from sandy flats to sheer vertical walls adorned with vibrant corals and sponges, sets the stage for an extraordinary marine adventure. The north's spur and groove formations and the west and south's thrilling wall dives, complete with sand chutes, canyons, and intriguing cracks, offer divers a visual feast and endless exploration opportunities.
The waters around these islands brim with a spectacular array of marine life, showcasing everything from graceful Caribbean reef sharks to colorful parrotfish and elusive blue tangs, painting a vibrant underwater mosaic. Not only does the reef's larger inhabitants draw attention, but its nooks and crannies reveal a microcosm of marine biodiversity, inviting divers to slow down and appreciate the smaller wonders of the sea. Additionally, the seasonal migration of humpback whales adds a magical layer to the diving experience, making the Turks and Caicos a must-visit destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the mysteries and marvels of the ocean.

The dive sites of Turks & Caicos

Divers will be amazed at the numerous dive sites found in the Turks and Caicos Islands. North West Point, West Caicos, French Cay and Grace Bay and many more.
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Snorkeling on Providenciales

Dive operators in the area don't just cater to scuba enthusiasts; they also offer fantastic snorkeling tours. These tours often take snorkelers along the shallower sections of the magnificent wall, providing a unique perspective above the deeper dive sites. Alternatively, snorkelers might find themselves exploring the serene beaches of uninhabited islands, soaking in the sun and sea while divers venture into the blue depths below.

Just a stone's throw away, Harbour Club Villas boast convenient access to some of the most exquisite snorkeling spots, all within a five-minute drive. Notably, Smith's Reef, located at the entrance to Turtle Cove Marina, and the Bight Reef near Coral Gardens, are two areas celebrated for their vibrant marine life. These easily accessible shorelines promise snorkelers the joy of swimming among turtles and a kaleidoscope of colorful fish in crystal-clear waters. Additionally, numerous local companies offer daily snorkeling excursions, taking adventurers out to explore the wonders of the barrier reef. Whether you're a seasoned snorkeler or trying it for the first time, these experiences allow you to immerse yourself in the underwater world, creating unforgettable memories of the beauty that lies just beneath the surface of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

We also have numerous companies that do daily snorkel excursions out to the barrier reef.

Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with JoJo, Dreamer, and Scooter, the famous dolphins of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is an extraordinary experience that will leave you in awe. These three renowned dolphins are known worldwide for their friendly and inquisitive nature towards humans. Embarking on a boat tour, visitors have the incredible opportunity to interact with these majestic creatures and even swim alongside them in their natural habitat. This once-in-a-lifetime encounter offers not only a thrilling adventure but also a chance to learn about their behavior, social structure, and habitat. Combining fun with education, swimming with JoJo and his offspring in the Turks and Caicos Islands promises an unforgettable adventure.

Whale watching Turks & Caicos

Whale watching in the Turks and Caicos between January and April is a truly remarkable experience as humpback whales make their annual migration through these crystal-clear Caribbean waters. During this time, these magnificent creatures travel from their feeding grounds in the North Atlantic to the warm and calm waters of the Turks and Caicos to mate and give birth. As you venture out into the ocean, you'll witness the awe-inspiring sight of humpback whales breaching, tail slapping, and might even get a chance to swim with them. The beauty of this natural spectacle is enhanced by the stunning backdrop of the Turks and Caicos' turquoise waters. It's a perfect way to appreciate the beauty and power of nature and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Beachcombers will find lots of sea urchins tests and sea biscuits along with a variety of shells and other treasures. Don't miss the inscriptions in the limestone dating back to the 1800's and carved by shipwrecked sailors.